What are the ways and means to eliminate stress and anxiety?

What are the ways and means to eliminate stress and anxiety


Why does stress cause us harm?

Stress is an emotional form of anxiety and irritability about anything we do, we usually believe that this type of emotion is caused by excess of many daily activities, where we cannot manage our emotions in a relaxed way.

We have also blamed stress when we do not have time to perform daily activities, in many cases prolonged and that leads to infinite illnesses, sometimes quite serious.

What are the ways and means to eliminate stress and anxiety

What causes stress?

We must indicate mainly that our brain as a great natural and human program, is capable of detecting any type of threat, as, for example, if we feel that we will not have time to make some type of activities and we will arrive late, or that our life can be in danger, our organism will generate a hormone in this case of the stress, to increase our cardiac rhythm, adrenaline and necessary force as a form of self-defense in case of danger.

Usually the rational part of the brain will always try to manifest not to give so much importance to the problem, while the irrational part of the brain will always be attentive to combat everything that we want to affect. In those cases in which our irrational acts, our blood pressure increases, our muscles tighten, so that part of our body stops working in a relaxed and constant.

Among the forms of stress we find

  • When we’re going to get to know something new
  • Something that will be unforeseen
  • Lack of control over a situation
  • Anything that might threaten our way of being.

Stress example

When a person does a job that takes a lot of time, is complicated and needs a lot of attention, in many cases despite the effort made, there are people who poorly qualify our ways of working or proceeding, this causes much anxiety.

Another that we can highlight, is when there are times of economic crisis, family or students, are other causes of this type of disease that is affecting the community much…

When our muscles are very contracted without having done any physical activity, our sweating is copious and we feel very sensitive to any reaction, we are facing imminent stress.

How can we master stress?

  • First we must understand what or which are the causes that have derived the stress, in general there are very few cases even studied that have manifested correctly what are the causes of stress.
  • It is important to see the characteristics of this type of illness, how I can face it and approach it in the best way.

Stress final recommendations to eliminate it

We know that stress causes us a lot of irritability and does not allow us to be calm, however if we take things with greater tranquility, verifying which are the causes, if this will cause us some danger in our life or family, otherwise we should not give so much importance, remember that everything in life needs a partial knowledge of things to be able to face it, so it is important to know in depth what the problem is and simply approach it in a calm and focused way.

Absolute risk factors are those that cause more anxiety, such as when our life is threatened, however, and this can be handled by certified specialists who will surely guide us to solve it in the best way, but we also have the relative stress, which is what we live daily and in conclusion we should not take it deeply in a negative way, as there will always be a way to solve it without running any danger.

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