How to lower fever in children and adults naturally and quickly

How to lower fever in children and adults naturally and quickly


Why do we get a fever?

Fever is a type of pathology and that despite the discomfort it induces us, it is very common to feel it on countless occasions of our life, but it is important to know why it gives us and how to fight it. The fever acts as responses of our body to certain situations of disease, such as infections, bacteria in our body and is like a kind of natural alarm, to possible health problems.

When this happens you have to pay close attention, why it happens and be clear where it is and be able to fight the fever. Sources are usually due to viral or bacterial infections, but it becomes dangerous when these types of conditions are housed in children.

These types of fevers, produce a lot of general discomfort in the body, especially if they are children, causes a lot of distress, to see the reaction that this induces. Fever is like a defense mechanism of our body, to prevent it from increasing or evolving the infections contained in our body. The body naturally uses fever to prevent these infections from multiplying and neutralizing.

How to lower fever in children and adults naturally and quickly

Recommendations to avoid fever

  • It is important to be very patient and not despair, always check the temperature from time to time, what is the cause of the fever, to look for medical tools that allow you to reduce or eliminate discomfort completely.
  • We must at all times control the temperature, use baths of warm water, non-cold eye, at least for about 5 minutes every two so that the temperature adapts to the external that we are applying, we can place wet wipes on the head among others, the important thing is that the temperature drops without forcing this to happen quickly, i.e. not applying extreme issues to lower the temperature, as it must be done gradually.
  • It is not strictly necessary to take them urgently unless the temperature does not decrease and this we recommend, since usually when you get to urgency the first thing you use or recommend in antibiotics that are very strong and usually bring side effects.

How to lower your fever quickly

  1. We can place wet little hands around the ankles, until they dry out and perform it again at least three times.
  2. If the temperature is kept taking baths of warm water, at least about 10 minutes if the fever is very strong.
  3. Stay hydrated, drinking water or types of hot citrus juices.
  4. Place wet little nits around the head and neck.
  5. Eat lightly, if possible fruits containing vitamins C.
  6. These have been some of the recommendations to keep your fever low, however, if it persists don’t forget to see your trusted or emergency doctor if there’s no other option left.

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