How to fight and manage diabetes for life with these tips

How to fight and manage diabetes for life with these tips


Can diabetes be reduced and combated?

Diabetes should be called as a type of disease, in which our body is not able to produce insulin on its own or in other cases does not produce enough. This insulin is produced from the pancreas by means of a hormone, which uses food to create enough energy to survive.

This type of disease goes with an exponential growth around the world, ending the life of a large percentage, since in many cases is not detected in time and therefore part of our body is already committed and sick. We must know what are the levels and types of diabetes that exist, how they work and thus be able to prevent or reduce the negative effect that this disease has.

How to fight and manage diabetes for life with these tips

Types of diabetes and why it occurs

Type I diabetes:

This occurs when the body is unable to produce insulin or only produces a very small percentage of insulin.

Among the diseases that result, we can find ketoacidosis, which leads the body to use the body’s fats as the only source of energy, a potentially serious problem.

Type II diabetes:

In this case, the lack of insulin produced by the body is due to the body’s resistance not to reproduce it.

In this type of diabetes, we find an excess of sugar in the blood, which is very uncontrollable and remains stationary for a longer time than usual and parts of the organs are well compromised.

Gestational diabetes:

It is a type of disease that occurs during pregnancy. It usually disappears once the woman gives birth, however, by hereditary form, if they do not maintain a healthy lifestyle, possibly relapse to a type II diabetes.

Causes of Diabetes

  • The common causes of this disease, ranging from hereditary forms, as well as when the type of food has been completely unbalanced and with many poor quality caloric loads.
  • These bad eating habits lead to being an obese person, as well as cases of people with a high percentage of sedentary life, the accumulation of fat and sugar, we could not control it, it would lead to a situation of the development of the disease well elevated, with quite negative consequences.

Diabetes recommendations on how to live and fight it naturally

If we do not manage to control the insulin in the blood, so that it can be absorbed by the cells it will remain in our torrent, therefore, we must lead a healthy lifestyle, an adequate control of our diet, daily exercise activities and check at least once a year your blood, since, in many cases, it is necessary to increase medical check-ups because this can occur hereditarily.

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